Your Volunteer Office

You are not logged in - we'd like to show you ALL the resources we make available to campagin volunteers. Please use the form on the left to get logged in. When you log in, you'll see a LOT of resources in your left menu that we don't make available to the unidentified public. (PRO tip: if you are normally logged in to Facebook or Twitter, just use the blue Twitter or Facebook Sign-up buttons at lower left to get logged-in injust seconds with one click.)

This is your online volunteer space.  The online workplace for people making digital contributions to the campaign. If you haven't done this yet, please fill out our volunteer page so we can on-board you as a volunteer. 

stw.pngSpread the Word via social sharing - start with the easy, online basics

Here is your opening chance to unlock & earn your 'Campaign Staffer' status.  Make sure you use the buttons on our Take Action page to mention us to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and by email.  

You get points for all these activities, and the points you earn are reflected on the campaign Leaderboard.   You also get points when those you recruit come here and do the same thing!


You can also use those round buttons at lower left on any page to promote any page you might be on at the moment - (such as the 'Attend Events' page) - you get credit on the Leaderboard for those as well. 

If you want to distinguish yourself as a leader, this is honestly one of the best ways to do it.  Every campaign makes 'throwaway requests' that you click their social media buttons. 

But we're serious about that request, so we keep track and try to reward you if you're productive in bringing voters and volunteers to our site.


tixs.pngTake It to the Streets

Get some palm cards to... hand out.  Just email us and we'll arrange to get a stack of palm cards into your hands. 

We can either meet you in the district or mail the palm cards to you.  Give out the hand cards wherever you go... to friends or to 'new friends'.  

There's a digital way to 'take it to the streets', too!  

Using your mobile phone or tablet, sign voters or volunteers up on our site to participate in this important election.  At the very bottom of every page on our web site is a kiosk-mode 'Mobile Signup' link that allows you to sign up one person after another using your mobile phone or mobile tablet device.  It's OK to simply provide an email on this page - the signup will email the person a link they can click to come set a password and fill in the info you left out!  You can tell them to expect the email and click the link to fill in the remaining information later.  They can also set a password at this time which 'pre-positions' them to be admitted to the control panel later. 

fund.pngBecome a mini-fundraiser

Besides coffee for the volunteers, every campaign has another 'fuel' as well: it takes money to get elected (alas!).  Click 'Account settings' under your name at the left and set a fundraising goal, then get to work...

It's not all that hard, in fact it's very easy!

iconz.pngThe easiest way to harvest donations for the campaign is to simply use our built-in social media tracking. (Yes, it can track the donations you brought in just fine, thank you very much).  

Simply navigate to our Donate page anytime, then use those little sharing buttons in the lower left (the email icon on the bottom works especially well if you are talking to someone one-on-one) and share the link to the donate page.  

xn this instance, you're probably face-to-face with your donor so you don't need to type in any test to the email, just share the donate page link, then help the donor with the donate page on their mobile device if required.

The donation is attributed to you, and you move up on the campaign leaderboard

Host an Event (or find folks to host events)

HOST-AN-EVENT.jpgYes, we'll help you plan and host events from informal Coffees, to watch parties or pizza parties, to generic meet-ups. 

Nearly any event in a private or public location is a good candidate for an event. 

Invite other to host events as well - nearly any event in any venue advances the campaign - it does not have to be a 'formal' event with the candidate present; as long as you and/or your friends have enthusiasm to see Frank elected, your event will help!

Join Our Conference Calls

Join-now.jpgStarting soon, every Monday at 6pm (Phoenix time) you can join other volunteers in the @TeamFrank effort for a short conference call where we put out important information, exchange ideas, trade stories, and even provide training on your to use the exceptional digital platform you're using right now.  Stand by... we're putting up the infrastructure for that weekly call right now.


Be Alert to Changes Here...

We're always adding resources for you and employing new ideas (many of them from you!) so watch this space, especially new items you may see added to that menu over there in the left.


It's About Victory!