Arizona State Senator Warren Petersen Endorses Frank Schmuck


As an Arizona State Senator, I understand the commitment and qualifications our legislative body members need to be successful.

Not only does Frank Schmuck meet these prerequisites, he far exceeds them. Frank is dedicated to his community and is eager to serve, seeking to improve the lives of everyone in the 18th District as well as the rest of the state.

Frank Schmuck is a strong advocate for public safety and will ensure that first responders and law enforcement get the resources they need to provide the protection you deserve.

Not only that, I have found Frank to be one of the most ethical members of the Arizona community I have met. He works hard, runs a clean campaign, and will be sure to maintain the highest standards as your next public servant.

If you want a State Senator who will work for you, cast your vote for Frank Schmuck. I am proud to extend my endorsement to him.

Arizona Senator Warren Petersen, Vice-Chair Public Safety Committee/Member Senate Ethics Committee