Fighter Pilots Endorse Frank Schmuck


Fighter pilots are one of the most highly regarded and desirable positions of any air force. Selection processes only accept the elite out of all the potential candidates. An individual who possesses an exceptional academic record, physical fitness, healthy well-being, and a strong mental drive will have a higher chance of being selected for pilot training. Candidates are also expected to exhibit strong leadership and teamwork abilities.

A fighter pilot is a military aviator trained to engage in air-to-air combat while in the cockpit of a fighter aircraft. Fighter pilots undergo specialized training in aerial warfare and close range aerial combat. They operate in very intense environments where safety is paramount.

The following fighter pilots have endorsed Frank Schmuck for Arizona State Senate.

Rod Jones, USAF

Roy Hendrickson, USAF

Ness Irvine, USAF

Milo Hardin, USAF

Ian Farquharson, USAF

Rob Topp, USAF

Kevin Hayes, USAF

Rick Smith, USAF

Rob Tofil, USAF

Keith Moring, USAF

Chuck Mitchell, USAF

Ray Furtmann, USAF

Mark Lishko, USAF

Kurt Gearhart, USAF

Lou Benoit, USAF

Paul Stucky, USAF

Dan Cotton, USAF

Scott Chamberlain, USAF

Ken Engel, USAF

Stan Kolodny, USAF

Alex Calicchio, USAF

Gene Adee, USAF

Matt, McKelvey, USMC

Tom Tanner, USN

Roy Cook, USN

Fred Hines, USN

Jim Duffy, USN

Rob Bych, USAF

Bill Bente, USAF

Jim Anderson, USAF

Clanton Beeth, USMC

Kit Wells, USMC