Frank SCHMUCK Cares About Immigrants

Frank_and_Mother_Danielle.jpgBilingual since childhood and the son of an immigrant Frank Schmuck cares about immigrants. Frank’s father, American by birth, was trained as an accountant and stationed overseas in the US Army when he met my mother in France. They married, and after his father’s tour of duty, returned to America, where his father worked a career in state government. A few months after their arrival in America Frank was born. As a child, Frank watched his mother become a naturalized citizen during our nation’s bicentennial year.

"As a former City of Tempe Councilman and business owner I enthusiastically endorse Frank Schmuck for Arizona State Senate in Legislative District 18. Frank Schmuck has served the community in numerous ways.  As a veteran he has successfully fought for care and treatment of veterans diagnosed with Lou Gerhig's disease. As a Kiwanis Club President he lead his club and other clubs to finding creative and lasting ways to fund raise for children programs across our district. He is a longtime life Member of Tempe Sister Cities who is fluent in French.  Frank's work ethic and passion to help others will be great for the Arizona State Legislature and our community. I encourage all to vote for Frank Schmuck for Arizona Senate."Dick_Neuhiesel.jpg

Richard "Dick" Neuhiesel

Tempe Sister Cities Founder and President

Shalimar Country Club Owner


DYS_1976.jpgMrs. Danielle Y. Lamacq Schmuck, 307 South Main Street, Yoe, holds an American Flag presented to her when she became an American citizen June 22. The native of France and her husband, Rickey C. Schmuck, whom she married in 1964 while he was stationed in Verdun are the parents of a son and daughter. Mrs. Schmuck has submitted her original poem, “Now I Really Belong” to the Free Press for publication.

Now I Really Belong

Carefully I search to find my true feeling,

Sometimes my mind took time to think.

From the country of FRANCE to the UNITED STATES

I had to make a choice where to stay.


To be torn apart between the ones you love

Is a decision you cannot ignore.

But her husband and two children

Gave me the strength that I earn.


So, on a very cold February morning day,

To York Court of Justice, I knew my way.

In the bureau of naturalization I choose:

A Citizen of AMERICA could never lose.


Before my eyes, a new life was opening;

From photographs, to fingerprint,

Registration mailing,

And lots of studying.


Then came the day to take the Oath,

With two witnesses I am fond of most.


Can you imagine my beating heart

As I stand before the American Flag;

A new person was born that day,

And I thank GOD I found my way.


In this special Bicentennial Year

I felt the spirit of 76,

And so, I’m proud to say:

I’m one of yours today.


Danielle Y. Lamacq-Schmuck

“A New American”

Reprinted from the Southern York County Free Press, July 1976